We have a new family member!

Apr 27, 2018Betty's Chronicles

We have a new member to our family at the Russell Home. His name is David and he is a 35-year-old young man with Down Syndrome and he is a pure “Joy” …

David’s mother became very ill and we took him in so that he could get the 24/7 care he needs. It was amazing to see the way our residents took David under their wings and he became part of our family the first day. David has talents that are amazing, he plays the piano by ear, you name a song and he will play it or if he hears it he can pretty much start to play it “AMAZING” What a gift from God that is! He has played the piano for us during snack time and during weekend time of fun time.

David enjoys his new family here at the Russell Home and we feel that God always puts you where you need to be and as much as he needed us we needed him. He has added so many smiles to our day and so much joy to our ears.

It was funny when I went in the cafeteria and told the residents that we were getting a new member to our family! they were excited and just ask all kinds of questions like: What is their name, do they like to dance, and I thought it was so sweet when Lori Ann asked me if he was Down Syndrome! I said yes, he is and all of the girls started clapping and saying OMG! They were so Happy to know that he was part of their Down Syndrome group “I guess” so sweet.

They all love each other here at the Russell Home, we are all brothers and sisters and they care about each other and when one is not feeling well they want to pray for them each morning and they make cards for each other and they just care so much. This home is a true testament to what the world should be gentle and kind and most of all love each other no matter what your disability is, or your ethnic back ground. I have the most wonderful job in the world, where else can you go and get hugs all day and smiles and I loves you all day long… I am blessed that my dear sweet grandmother taught us all so many things but most of all how to love each other no matter what, hug a child or a special needs person so that they know they are loved and cared for… Being loved is all they need, and we love the all.


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