The AMAZING Ms. Tommie!!!

Jul 31, 2018Thrift Store News

Ms. Tommie Tindall

Ms. Tommie Tindall works tirelessly in the Thrift Store sorting through ALL the donated clothing, separating them by seasons, gender, and sizes. And then she hangs the clothes in the appropriate areas in the store. But maybe the hardest part of her volunteering is to keep Mike and Alvin in line.

Tell us about yourself “I’ve lived in Orlando for 58 years.  My husband and I came here when he went to work for Lockheed Martin.  I’ve worked at Martin myself where I worked in the assembly line making the electronic boards.  Then I went to work for Eckerd Drugs as an administrative personnel and worked there for 32 years.”

What do you know about The Russell Home – “I am the guardian to a Down Syndrome man at The Russell Home over there, I have been his guardian for 14 years.  His name is Newton.  As far as I am concerned, it is the best place that Newton has ever lived.  They take care of him, they take him places and do things that I could never do for him.”

How did you hear about the Thrift Store – “I was riding down Michigan Ave. and saw it when it used to be located there.  And I needed something to do with my time other than sit at home and watch TV.  I just came and asked Mr. Jim (Harris) if I could work there and he said, ‘Yes.’ I was there over five years, so I’ve been doing this for over eight years.

Ms. Tommie works hard for us every Tuesday through Friday and is an absolute angel!

School is here so come see us for clothes, school supplies, and if you’re moving into a new dorm, we have all kinds of furniture.  We have lots of clothes for adults and children, bathing suits, sunglasses, and water and other sports equipment.

The Russell Home for Atypical Children Thrift Store is located at 5517 S. Orange Ave., 32809.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-5:30pm.  We gladly accept your donations of household goods on those same days from 10am-3pm.  At this time we are no longer accepting mattresses, bed pillows and sheets, and non-flat screen tv’s.  Everything that is sold in our thrift store comes from you, our community, and ALL profits go directly back to The Russell Home to aid in our desire in giving our children the best possible care they can have.  So thank you for contributing to the care of our children!

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