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Aug 12, 2019Pam's Page

This month I asked our employees to write about a special moment, memory or just anything in general that they loved about working at The Russell Home. I believe we have such an amazing, giving staff and The Russell Home is blessed to have them all. Blessings, Pam!

Michael K. – My favorite thing about working at The Russell Home is knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life as well as them making a difference in mine. Not only do they need me I need them!

May C. – Russell Home is the greatest place to work. The home is so full of love. God Bless the Russell Home and all the staff. Thank you all!

Homaira W. – My favorite is when I come to work to see Lisa and all the people here at Russell Home. I just love everybody!

Brittany D. – I love working here because of all the love that’s in this home. I never feel like I’m working. I’m here to love these kids. The love I get from them in return will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Deja J. – Honestly it would have to be how the residents can make me forget about my problems, issues, insecurities, disabilities, stress, etc. Even when I’ve made up my mind that “I’m not in the best mood” they still make me smile and that is the best feeling. Also, knowing that I can actually lean on the Russell Home and everyone here shows concern and willing to help me. In the few years I started my career I’ve never known a facility like this, I want to thank Russell Home for all the help I’ve received since being here. Since moving to Orlando you guys have saved me from being stranded on the side of the road, being homeless, hungry, and alone. I honestly can’t thank Russell Home enough. Russell Home is a blessing!

Karen S. – It’s the feeling of home and family!

Heather H. – My favorite memory is watching how excited all the kids get at Christmas time watching all the Disney characters come dance and sing with them.

Daisy L. – My favorite moment was receiving The Grandma Russell Award. My favorite memory is the day I was hired on Christmas day in 2009. What a gift I was given! A gift of purpose from God to work in such a place that feels like home and where love meets you at the door. Our kids are always excited to see us come in the door. The hug or smile we exchange with each other fulfills my day more than they could ever know.

Tom S. – I love coming to work every day because to me it’s not a job it’s just my extended family members helping each other out and making this home run smoothly so that everyone enjoys this happy home.

Pam B. – My favorite thing about coming to work are the residents. They make my day! They have changed my life for the better. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you walk through the door. They all are always excited to see us. They are always quick to give a hug and a smile. My other favorite thing is that I get to witness and see all the good in the world. I witness how hard our staff works to make sure all our residents are well taken care of and happy. Also, how generous and giving our donors are. We get to do what we love to do because of their huge hearts. I feel thankful and blessed that I get work in this wonderful home and be around all the residents and staff that I truly, truly, love! They all are amazing!

Yvonne C. – My favorite time at Russell Home has got to be our holiday parties. Halloween is especially fun. Seeing all the kid’s personalities shine as they dance and sing karaoke in their costumes and with Rick as our DJ. All of us get a chance to have fun watching each of their personalities come to life in those moments. Those moments make this job so rewarding.

Beca G. – Being one of the teacher’s at Russell Home I would have to say that one of my favorite memory’s is when I was reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff to the classroom and our resident Kim got up out of her desk and pretended to be the Big Billy Goat and head butted me into the river (pretend river).

Jeannie F. – As a teacher at Russell Home one of the best memory’s is when David and Kenny learn to spell and write their names. Kenny was so proud!

Ashley J. – Christmas in July is always my favorite. I love to see the kid’s face’s light up with cheerful smiles and laughter. My favorite thing is the kids birthday’s because I know that’s another year I get spend with them.

Betty H. – Everyday for me is a blessed day as I walk through the door and knowing that my sweet grandmother who started this home had a plan for me, my other family members and co-workers and that plan was to continue her legacy. The moment that truly sticks out in my mind is the day that we were able to open the wall to the new side of the remodeled building that was added on as our cafeteria and new girl’s area. Grandma always wanted a dining area where we could all have meals together and now we have it. Knowing that we will have a safe and beautiful home for another 60 plus years to continue our grandmother’s legacy was a touching moment I will never forget. I feel so blessed to have our wonderful community help us get this far. I feel Grandma Russell is with us each day and smiling down on us as we have the privilege of loving and caring for these very special children and adults.

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