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Oct 10, 2019Pam's Page

This month I decided to ask some of our residents about how they feel about the Russell Home and all the employees that help take care of them. Although some of them can’t speak I know that they all feel loved and exceptionally taken care of by our amazing staff. A staff that consists of the office, caregivers, teachers, cooks, maintenance, and thrift store staff. As they say it takes a village, but it’s a beautiful and blessed village. In my years of working here at Russell Home I think the consensus of what I hear after someone visits us is that they say it’s an amazing place and you can just feel the LOVE.

Mat – I love to come to Russell Home with my Mom (teacher). I love to come and see all the workers and my friends, especially Beca, my teacher.
Joey – I like getting hugs and helping the staff out when they need it. I like Jeannie helping me learn how to play the piano. All the staff are friendly.
Katie – They help take care of me because they love me. They listen to me if I need to talk about how I’m feeling. The caregivers exercise with me.
Hannah – I love to help Sashera (caregiver) with Friday night movie night. I love everybody here.
Brenda – Brittany (caregiver) helps me keep my closet clean. Ms. Michael (caregiver) is funny.
Amy – I like to go to class to see Jeannie (teacher).
NaNa – I love Beca (teacher), Pam (HR Manager) and everybody else too.
Lori Ann – They help me all day because they love me.
Kim – I love Brittany (caregiver). I love dance class with Tonya (dance teacher)
Warren – Everybody’s nice. They take care of my room. Karen is a good cook. I like to help Tom (maintenance)
Benji – Everybody takes good care of me. I’ve known Betty a long time and she helps me and everyone and her sister Vantrease does to. All the staff are wonderful!
Lisa – Yvonne is my nurse.

If you find it in your heart to care for someone else, you will have succeeded. -Maya Angelou

Blessings, Pam Brazell
RH HR Manager

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