Big and Little Things

Jun 24, 2019Pam's Page

With the recent passing of our little Amy at Russell Home I was inspired to write about the big and little things that you don’t always get to see or hear about at Russell Home. The last week of Amy’s life was spent here at Russell Home under the care of Hospice. You didn’t see the sadness and tears from our residents and employees that new her and took such good care of her. All the residents here are like family to us, so when something happens to one of them it’s heart wrenching. Amy left a mark everyone’s life that knew and loved her. She will be forever missed!

Just as Amy made a mark on our lives our teachers here at Russell Home do also. You don’t always see the everyday interaction they have with them. All the extra time they put into projects even when they are not here. You don’t see their students smiles and confidence from something they learned or made in school. All the fun they have from cooking, dancing, learning piano to saying the Pledge of Allegiance each morning along with prayer time. I love hearing how they pray for our staff and each other.

The day in and day out of quality of care, compassion and concern our caregivers give to all our residents you also don’t always get to see. You don’t see them giving them a present on their birthday, making sure just the right hair accessory matches the outfit, dancing with them at parties, laughing with them, taking care of them if they are sick, giving them hugs when they may be upset about something to coloring with them, painting their nails and so much more.

You don’t see how hard or cooks, maintenance, thrift store and office staff work. Our cooks prepare ninety meals each day, all made with love. The daily maintenance and task of our maintenance employees is an arduous job, but one they do happily because they know it’s for our residents. The Thrift Store employee’s who work tirelessly to better the Russell Home and help our community. The office staff who take care of the day to day business to make sure all our residents needs are being meet, funding is being meet, fundraisers, employee’s files and scheduling are done.

It’s a job we do because we LOVE each and every one of them. The residents are each a part of our extended families and or residents feel the same way about everyone who works at Russell Home. I personally look forward to my good morning hugs. If you witnessed the quality of care our employees give to our residents it validates just how connected they are to them. For me personally they inspire me with their sweet spirit, sense of humor and determination. Our goal is giving back to them what they have given to all of us, which is pure JOY!

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t been to Russell Home to come SEE, witness and share in all the love and blessings that have been given to all of us.

Much Love, Pam

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