Being so Thankful Through Covid-19

Feb 4, 2021Events

We are feeling so blessed to have not had any types of sickness as of today from the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has been an adjustment for all of us but especially for the special need’s children and adults here at the Russell Home.

The Day Program has had to halt since March of 2020, and they are missing all their friends and volunteers that are not allowed since we have been on Lockdown as of March 18,2020. The 2020 year will never be forgotten in our book as well as the worlds. But out of 2020 we gained a lot as well. We have seen our residents really get closer and get more engaged with each other and have more fun as we have had to keep them occupied through games, classwork, and music. It has been wonderful to see them have fun and laugh and sing and dance as a family. As well as they have been helping in the kitchen area, folding clothes, and sweeping to help their caregivers out.

The ones that have families have been able to do window visits and FaceTime visits. We know that it is not the same for them as they love to go out with their families and get a treat, so we have had lots of treats being donated to the Russell Home in the past few months.

We have had The Donut Truck, Ice Cream Truck, Kona Ice Truck, and lots of entertainment in the parking lot! “Caravan of Love” came out to preform music for us, we sat on the sidewalk and wore our mask and stayed 12 feet away from the musicians. We also had Santa’s’ come at Christmas, they came by airboat on back of a truck, in a pickup truck, walking down our driveway, on a motorcycle and in a convertible!

We have been able to maintain our traditional school program through this lockdown. Monday through Friday in the classroom setting, Creative Dance Class on Tuesdays by Zoom, Church Service with Steve From Crossroads Church by Zoom on Thursdays and our Friday Movie Night with our caregivers (this is the night they get to watch a movie in the theater room and have soda pop with a treat).

We hope that all of you have been safe and healthy through this Pandemic and please know we cannot wait to open our doors so that we can see all our friends that we miss so much. The kids keep asking me when we are going to have a party with our friends so I told them when this is over, and our doors open we will have a HUGE party for all our friends and family’s so that we can all dance and have fun together!

Thank you to all of you that have helped us through the Pandemic by sending cards to our residents, dropping off food to help us through the holidays, for the donations dropped off at our thrift store and most of all for all the prayers that have been prayed for the Russell Home.

“Without a sense of CARING, there can be no sense of COMMUNITY” *Anthony J. D’Angelo

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