A Message from Pam

May 31, 2018Pam's Page

I want to take time to let everyone know what a truly amazing staff we have at the Russell Home. We have caregivers, kitchen staff, teachers, maintenance, thrift store personnel and management. You need to have passion, heart, love, and dedication to do these jobs, but if you have met our residents then you will know why it’s a job that comes easy with all the adjectives I previously mentioned. Our staff embodies all those adjectives. People often say to our staff “God bless you for what you do,” but our residents and, you the community, make it easy! I tell them we are the ones who are blessed. We get to come to a job where we all feel appreciated and truly needed. We get to see and witness all the goodness, kindness and blessings from the community. We get to see and witness miracles every day. Working with this amazing staff also makes it easy. For me personally I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. I love my job and all my fellow co-workers. I feel I’m the one who is blessed to be here!

Many Blessings!

Pam Brazell

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